Stainless Steel Fine Wire Spring

Fine wire springs are smaller compression springs with diameters as small as 0.008”. These fine springs are used in several industrial applications that require high precision such as medical catheters, watch production, automotive clutches, transmission systems, and valves. SMSC is a leading fine wire spring manufacturer in the US, providing standard and customized springs to its customers.


Wire Diameter 0.003 to 0.032 inches
Materials Nickel Inconel Copper Stainless Steel  Type 17-7
Bronze Stainless Steel Type 301 Stainless Steel Type 302
Finish Plain Black Oxide Painted
Cadmium Passivate Zinc Gold
Zinc Silver
Specifications and Standards 304VM MP35N 316LVM
AMS-5678 AMS-5688 EN-10264-2
ASTM A-493 ASTM A-313
Grades General Fine Wire Fine Diameter Wires Custom Fine Wires

Custom Stainless Steel Fine Wire Spring Offering Highlights

Following are some of the benefits of availing our custom spring manufacturing services

  • Our in-depth knowledge about spring manufacturing allows us to provide these springs in smaller dimensions, as well as desired tolerances. We can maintain same tolerance for different material grades.
  • We can produce springs in materials other than ones specified.
  • We provide single piece flow production and packaging that helps us ensure the product is delivered in a good quality.
  • The quality check is performed by CNC controlled equipment with computerized visual inspection.
  • Each wire is packaged professionally to avoid damage while shipping.

SMSC is a well-known fine wire precision spring company, which is why we don’t compromise on quality. We use high quality materials to manufacture our products. Our in-depth knowledge regarding materials helps us provide products to exact customer’s specifications. Our advanced manufacturing equipment and growing inventory allows us to cut down wait times, and provide products at competitive prices. We can provide these springs in any specifications of your choice.  To know more about our products, please contact us on our toll- free number 800-330-2460 or send us an email at smsc@windstream.net. For trade inquiries and placing an order, you can always Request a Quote.

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