Constant Force Springs for Application Enhancement

Constant force springs have the ability to extend across their performance range, while maintaining a constant force and position. The constant force allows the spring to resist uncoiling in an application, and remain tightly wrapped. SMSC designs and provides standard and custom constant force springs for various applications. We have provided these spring types for applications such as electric motors, air conditioners, fire dampeners, and window manufacturing equipment.

At SMSC, we have the capabilities to manufacture industrial springs in the following range of specifications.

Diameter .10 to 6.00 in 2.54 to 152.4 mm
Free Length .25 to 120 inch 6.35 to 3048 mm
Wire Size .010 to .375 in .254 to 9.525 mm
Direction of Winding Right Hand Left Hand Optional
Loop Types Machine Hooks Extended Single Full Loop
Side Hooks Cross Over Double Full Loop
Material Beryllium Copper Music Wire Inconel
Chrome Silicon Chromium Vanadium Phosphor Bronze
Stainless Steel 302 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel 316
Finish Plain Black Oxide Painted
Cadmium Passivate Zinc Gold
Zinc Silver

To ensure that the spring material has the ability to support the creation of a constant force, we choose Type 301 stainless steel as our primary manufacturing material. This type of steel has numerous advantages, including:Custom Constant Force Spring Design

  • Tensile strength up to 1800 MPA
  • Immense ductility for rolling and forming operations
  • Good lever of hardness to support spring performance

These features of type 301 stainless steel allow the constant force spring to be wrapped easily onto drums for extension. The hardness ensures that the spring will not kink or twist when wrapping or recoiling. We also design springs with diameters smaller than that of the pulley used in the application. This ensures that the spring will not suffer from back bending during operation.
As a constant force spring manufacturer, we at SMSC design constant force springs according to the clients’ application requirements. We can manufacture the spring in a width and thickness that clients require. Our springs undergo rigorous quality checks before being sent for delivery. If you wish to order a spring, simply Request a Quote, and we will get back to you at the earliest. If you wish to know more about our spring offerings, please contact us on our toll- free number 800-330-2460 or send us an email at smsc@windstream.net.