High-quality Compression Springs Available in Various Specifications

Compression springs are the type of open coiled helical springs, which are designed to oppose the compression set along the wind axis. The compression springs are either fitted inside a hole or placed on a rod. When a load is applied on a compression coil spring, it tries to push back the load, and attains its original length. These springs offer excellent resistance against the linear compressing forces, which makes them one of the energy efficient devices. SMSC provides helical compression springs in various forms and cross sections for linear applications. All our compression springs are manufactured to the highest quality standards.


At SMSC, we provide industrial springs in the following specifications:


Diameter .10 to 6.00 in 2.54 to 152.4 mm
Free Length .25 to 120 inch 6.35 to 3048 mm
Wire Size .010 to .375 in .254 to 9.525 mm
Direction of Winding Right Hand Left Hand Optional
Loop Types Machine Hooks Extended Single Full Loop
Side Hooks Cross Over Double Full Loop
Material Beryllium Copper Music Wire Inconel
Chrome Silicon Chromium Vanadium Phosphor Bronze
Stainless Steel 302 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel 316


Plain Black Oxide Painted
Cadmium Passivate Zinc Gold
Zinc Silver


Compression Spring Shape Types

We can provide helical compression springs in various shapes. However, custom designs may have various shapes depending on the applications. Some of the common shapes include:

  • A conical compression spring is distinguishable due to its conical shape with reduced spring radius.
  • An hour glass compression spring is tightly tapered towards the center, and outer coils have large diameter.
  • The barrel shaped compression spring are distinguishable due to their wider shape towards the center, and reduced towards the ends.
  • The reduced ends are straight across the center coils, and are tapered towards the ends.

Compression Spring End Types

We provide compression helical springs in the following end types:

  • Open Ends: In this types of springs, the coils are consistent throughout with no pitch change.
  • Closed Ends: The ends are not grounded, and end coil pitch is reduced, which means end coils do not touch each other.
  • Open and Ground Ends: The last coil of the spring is flat in appearance with a less parallel end.
  • Closed, Squared, and Ground Ends: The last coil is not flat in appearance, and has less parallel ends.

Stock Compression Springs

Each of the following stock compression spring types are manufactured within appropriate stress levels.

  • Round Wire Compression Springs: These compression springs are inexpensive, efficient, and reliable. Hence, are considered ideal for general purpose applications. We provide these springs in various material constructions.
  • High Performance Compression Springs: The compression springs are designed to offer high performance, and are provided in various configurations, and sizes. The ends of these springs are squared, and grounded. These springs are ideal for applications up to 220 °C or 425 °F.
  • Heavy Duty Compression Springs: These springs are designed for heavy duty applications. SMSC’s heavy duty compression springs have rectangular cross section with rounded corners. The spring ends are ground, and squared flat. We offer these springs in quality chrome silicon steel alloys to ensure maximum life. Our stainless steel compression springs are well-known for their load bearing capacity. Conical heavy duty compression springs are one of the popular items in this category.
  • Continuous Length Compression Springs: These are basically long length springs, which are cut to desired length for prototyping, as well as maintenance uses.

To know more about custom open coiled helical springs, please contact us at the earliest. You can call us on our toll-free number 800-330-2460, or mail us your requirements for open wound compression springs at smsc@windstream.net.

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