Equipment That Support High Quality Compression Springs Manufacturing

Compression springs can be designed and manufactured to preferred geometries, lengths, diameters, and configurations, according to customers’ requirements. However, to custom manufacture these springs precisely and quickly, the manufacturers must be equipped with several machines.
The blog here discusses some of the basic tools that a high pressure compression spring manufacturer must possess at his facility.

Equipment Assisting in Customizing and Prototyping Compression Springs

Several processes are involved in the spring manufacturing process that must be carried out accurately. Several equipment are utilized, listed as follows, at the spring production center to produce complex compression springs according to users’ design specifications.

  • Winding Machines – Specialized winding equipment are available that help wind spring wires to spring forms. Choose the right winding machine after analyzing the size, type, and configuration of the spring wire.
  • Grinding Equipment – In case the requirement calls for prototyping compression springs with flat ends, you will need grinding equipment to grind the ends. The basic models of the machine will help grind only one end of the spring. However, there are advanced versions available that help grind both ends of the wire simultaneously. Examples of grinding equipment include cutoff and abrasive grinding wheels.
  • Finishing Equipment – Post the winding and grinding processes, you will need to get rid of the stress, which is created when bending the spring wires. You need an oven to do this. Adjust the temperature of the oven according to the type of spring material used. For example, maintain the temperature to 260°C when treating music or oil tempered spring wire. Whereas, maintain temperature to 400°C when treating a chrome vanadium compression spring.A passivizing tank is a must when producing compression springs using stainless steel wires. It helps remove the chemical coating on the stainless steel wire.
  • Testing Equipment – Several testing machines are utilized to check the compliance of the completed spring with the original design specifications. Computerized, digital, and hydraulic spring testing machines are available that perform through quality checks.

You can Count on Quality Production Using the Right Equipment

Having the readily accessible equipment helps manufacturing of custom compression springs with ensuring high precision and assembly consistency. Complex custom springs can be made with ease if you are equipped with the latest machinery.