How to Convert Double Torsion Springs

Double torsion springs are helical springs with two sets of coils. The coils are wound around a center axis in opposite directions. This allows the springs to resist twisting or torsional forces. Double torsion springs are usually used in applications that require twice the normal force.

There are situations when customers have ordered for a double torsion spring, believing it will suit their needs. However, this purchase can turn out to be wrong at times, and the application simply requires a single torsion spring. In such instances, rather than spending more money on a standard spring, the double spring can simply be converted into a single spring design.

The fact of the matter is, double torsion springs consist of two single torsional springs, which are connected by an arched wire strand. Hence, the process of converting double into single torsion springs is not only possible, but also simple.

Two Methods to Convert Double Torsion Springs

There are a few options that can be chosen to complete the conversion process.

  • Divide the Springs: As mentioned earlier, double torsion springs basically comprise two single springs working in parallel. The simplest solution is to divide the springs by cutting the interconnecting wire strand. Once the wire strand has been removed, the springs can be used separately.
  • Subtract the Coils: Another method that can be used is to subtract the number of coils in each spring. Removing one coil will also strengthen the spring rate. You first need to measure the total length of the torsion spring. Then you need to identify how much you want to take off. Cut half of the measurement you took, and reinstall the spring to check whether it meets your requirements.

Torsion springs are known for their durability, ease of adjustment, and automatic leveling in an application. Right double torsion spring applications can support you  in enormous ways.