Precision engineered springs, wire forms, and metal stampings are the specialty at SMSC. That’s why more and more major players in the telecom industry come to us with their unique demands. With our solutions, you can improve the functionality and reliability of several telecom devices and systems.

At SMSC, we can manufacture highly accurate springs and extremely complex wire forms with maximum compliance to specifications. What’s more, our made-to-order springs and wire forms comply with several certifications, which add to their popularity for applications under strenuous environments.

The Quality is Unbeatable!

We know the significance of our products in determining success of products that are specific to the telecom industry. Throughout the years, we have been in the forefront by efficaciously meeting challenging and ever changing demands of the industry. We have been successful all these years in developing precision components that go into the assembly of small and medium to extremely sophisticated communication devices.

Our capabilities are in terms of:

  • Producing custom springs, wire forms, and stamping  using standard, semi-precious and precious metals as per the users’ requirements;
  • Providing prototypes in fast turnaround time;
  • Handling small and large production runs by meeting the strictest delivery schedules;
  • Incorporating custom specifications as it is in the assembly;
  • Handling complex requirements using the latest computerized and high speed production equipment.
  • Providing specialized design and engineering solutions backed by a team of experts.

All these allow SMSC to successfully cater to the needs of the telecommunication industry.

A Range of Applications!

Our springs, wire forms, and stampings are found extremely useful across varied sectors of the telecommunication industry. A few application examples include;

  • Aerospace communication devices
  • Antennas
  • Battery contacts
  • Cabling component
  • Power amplifiers
  • Point-to-point communication devices
  • Cell phones
  • Charging systems
  • Directional devices
  • Intercom and building communications
  • Server racking systems
  • Optical communication systems
  • Satellites
  • Tactical communication systems
  • Tracking systems and components
  • Wireless devices
Much to Come from Us!

We keep updating ourselves about the changing market scenarios and technological advancements. Also, we regularly update our design and manufacturing strategies to provide the customers with unmatched solutions. We keep in pace with the technology, which help our clients from the telecom industry to stay ahead of competition. What else? Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business; we go to that extent to deliver products that are unrivaled in quality, performance and durability.

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