At St Marys Spring Company, we have proven technical expertise and industry knowledge to meet the requirements of the military industry. From simple wire forms to large compression springs, we provide premium range spring systems that not only meet, but exceed the customers’ expectations.

Considering the criticality of the military applications, our products are designed and manufactured in compliance with several industrial standards including ISO, ITAR, DDTC, SAM and MIL spec.

Benefit with Our Partnership

Several years of experience in the industry have helped us recognize the specialized requirements of the military industry. We realized that military equipment and systems are subject to change every now and then in terms of design and construction. Hence, we keep ourselves ready to instantly meet our customer’s fast turn around and prototype requirements. We could achieve this as we:

  • Possess Advanced Production Facilities – We own a state-of-the-art production facility equipped with advanced equipment to streamline and speed up the manufacturing process. Our manufacturing quality is unmatched as we use only high-tech devices to ensure compliance with specifications and standards. A few of the advanced machines we use include; laser measurement unit, camera gauge systems, and image dimension measuring systems.
  • Have the Right Team – Our designers and engineers are experienced to handle prototype, small runs and large production runs. Whatever the requirements are, they are expertise to come up with the right solutions. They are experienced to handle virtually any material, including standard, semi-precious and precious metals and can work with specialized material like Inconel. Backed with the efficiency of our team, we have been producing military grade springs and wire forms, meeting complete accuracy of dimensions, and excellent tensile strength.

Application Examples

Our products are found in varied sectors of the military industry. Our reliable, long-lasting and precision engineered springs, wire forms, and metal stampings support the assembly of:

  • Aircrafts
  • Communication systems
  • Firearms
  • Missile systems
  • Military vehicles
  • Tanks
  • Security systems
  • Satellites
  • Submarines
  • Winching & rescue devices
  • Military gun mounts
  • Weapon systems
  • Security and tactical robots
  • Ammunition containers
  • Space shuttles
  • Telescopes
  • Lunar rover

Products Meeting the Strictest Tolerance Requirement

Our military grade springs and wire forms are designed keeping in mind the severe conditions in the application areas. Also, they are rigorously inspected to ensure optimum performance and quality. Our products can be put to work anywhere; they will add to the performance and service life of the military equipment and systems. This is the commitment we give to our customers and that’s why we have gained a huge customer base from the military industry.

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