Industrial Springs

Different types of industrial equipment and machinery require precisely engineered springs in different sizes and specifications. St. Marys Spring Company excels in designing and manufacturing springs and wire forms for complex industrial applications.

We at SMSC leverage the latest technologies and processes to manufacture industrial springs and wire forms for various applications. Our springs are guaranteed to provide exceptional performance in harsh industrial environments.

Industrial Spring Manufacturing Capabilities

SMSC has long been regarded as North America’s leading manufacturer of springs, wire forms, and stampings. Over the past 70 years, we have created a wide customer base, with our innovative design and manufacturing solutions, excellent customer support, and competitive prices.

Our spring manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Producing standard springs and wire forms in desired quantities
  • Producing prototypes in fast turnaround times
  • Meeting strict delivery deadlines
  • Handling small, medium, and large production runs
  • Fulfilling complex requirements with  high precision production equipment

Custom Spring Manufacturing for Industrial Applications

Over the years, SMSC has earned a reputation for manufacturing custom springs, which can meet unique application requirements. We love to accept challenges, and we encourage our clients to bring their complex spring requirements to us. This approach has allowed us to attract a plethora of customers requiring out of the box solutions.

At SMSC, we understand the success of an industrial spring lies in the details. We understand their application and spring requirements thoroughly. We provide a custom solution that will meet and enhance the performance of the application equipment.

So, if you have a unique spring requirement, and are looking for an extraordinary solution, you have come to the right place!

Use our Get a Quote form to submit your requirements regarding springs for all types of industrial applications. You can also reach us via phone at 800-330-2460, or email us at smsc@windstream.net.