Military hardware and equipment such as guns and firearms largely depend on a variety of springs. Firearms such as pistols, air guns, revolvers handgun, rifles, etc. require precisely engineered springs in different sizes and specifications.

SMSC is a leading manufacturer of springs and wire forms used in a wide range of firearms.

Extensive Knowledge and Expertise

The engineers at SMSC possess extensive knowledge and experience about the specifications, certifications, regulations, construction, and working of majority of firearms. This allows us to understand the special demands of every customer, and offer a suitable solution that meets their specifications. Through our 70 years of experience, we know that the firearms industry has a “NO TOLERANCE” policy. For this reason we provide only “TOP QUALITY” springs to our customers in the firearms industry. .

Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities

With expert staff and modern machinery, we are able to consistently manufacture springs with the highest levels of accuracy, at the lowest prices, and with maximum efficiency. Moreover, we comply with a variety of quality norms required by the firearms industry.

Advanced techniques and adaptable processes allow us to offer competent service for small as well as large orders. So, whatever be your requirement in terms of specifications and quantity, the quality of our products and service will always remain the same. The spring manufacturing procedure at SMSC is highly sophisticated. Also, we upgrade our systems and processes from time to time in accordance with international standards. Our spring manufacturing process starts from selection of suitable raw materials and ends with the dispatch of finished firearm springs. Besides, every stage goes through rigorous quality checks conducted by our quality assurance team.


The following quality measures allow us to deliver only the best springs for a variety of firearms:

  • Quality management system in accordance with ISO 2000 and ASQ, SME, and SMI. certifications for effective system operation and quality assurance.
  • Focus on design and development to produce excellent quality products.
  • On-time delivery and dependable after-sale service.

Our Range of Springs for Military and Firearms Industry

We can custom manufacture springs or wire forms for the firearms and military industry. The basic range of springs that we offer includes:

  • Magazine
  • Recoil
  • Hammer
  • Striker
  • Firing pin
  • Trigger and more.

 When you choose SMSC, you can be assured that you are choosing the best! Contact us for more information on springs for firearms. You can use our Get a Quote form to submit your information.

If you wish to speak with our executives, call our toll free phone no. 800-330-2460. You can also email your requirements and specifications to smsc@windstream.net.