Inconel Springs

Inconel springs are useful in applications where other springs may fail. SMSC produces industry-grade Inconel springs that are ideal for extreme environments, and mission-critical applications. These industrial springs are made from Inconel X-750 alloy. We source our materials from reputed dealers, which allows us to provide springs in the unmatched quality.

Technical Information -Inconel X-750 Alloy

Inconel X-750 alloy is a nickel-chromium alloy, which exhibits excellent physical, as well as thermal properties. The springs manufactured from this alloy can withstand temperatures as high as 1300°F (704° C). The following technical data will help you understand composition, as well as properties of this alloy.

Technical Data

Chemical Composition  Content Percentage
Nickel + Cobalt 70% Minimum
Chromium 14-17%
Iron 5-9%
Titanium 2.25- 2.75%
Niobium 0.70-1.20%
Silicon 0.50% Maximum
Sulfur 1% Max
Aluminum 0.40-1.00
Copper 0.50% Maximum
  Metric Imperial
Density 8.28 g/cm3 0.299 lb/in3
Modulus of rigidity 75.8 kN/mm2 10994 ksi
Melting point 1430°C 2600°F
Co-Efficient of Expansion 12.6 μm/m.°C(20-100°C) 7.0×10-6 in/in.°F(70-212°F)
Electrical Resistivity 122 µΩ.cm 20.1 µΩ.in
Oxidation Resistance 982 oC 1800 oF

Key Features of Inconel 750X

Following are the key features of Inconel 750X alloy:

  • Maintains high creep-rupture, and tensile properties at temperatures about 1100° F (700° C).
  • Strongly resist chloride ion stress corrosion cracking, chemicals, hydrocarbons, and harsh solvents
  • Age hardenable
  • Excellent scaling resistance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance in sulfide environment.

Industrial Applications Using Inconel Springs

Alloy X-750 can be hardened by precipitation, which is why they are regularly used in high temperature applications such as:

  • Rocket Engines
  • Aircraft Structures
  • Jet Engine Parts
  • Nuclear Power Plant Applications
  • Heat Treating Fixtures
  • Extrusion Dies
  • Forming Tools
  • Hot-air ducting Systems
  • Test Machine Grips
  • Distillation columns

We provide industry-grade compression springs, torsion springs, extension springs ( not suitable for extension springs that require initial tension), and wire forms made from Inconel X-750 alloy. Our inventory also features springs in other materials. We can provide these springs in specifications of your choice. To know more about our industry-grade Inconel springs, you can contact us on our toll- free number 800-330-2460 or send us an email at smsc@windstream.net. You can Request a Quote to place your order.