Versatile Phosphor Bronze Springs for Assorted Industrial Applications

Phosphor bronze is one of the widely used copper based alloys for manufacturing springs. Phosphor bronze is resistant to chemical corrosion, wear, and fatigue, which makes it an ideal material choice for springs. (SMSC) has an array of different types of springs to choose from based on your requirements.

Phosphor Bronze Springs Specifications

We have phosphor bronze springs of following specifications available with us:

Maximum Operating Temperature 200°F
Nominal Chemistry Cu 94.0 – 96.0%

Sn 4.0 – 6.0%

Modulus of Elasticity (E) 15 (103)
Modulus in Torsion 6.25 (43.1)
Minimum Tensile Strength (psi x 103) 105-145
Rockwell Hardness B98-104
Density (lb/in3) 0.32
Gravitational Constant 63,000,000
Size Range 0.003ʺ to 0.468ʺ
Elasticity 15,000,000
Standard ASTM B159

Chemical Composition of Phosphor Bronze Springs

The chemical composition of these types of springs is:

Content Percentage
Tin 5.50-7.00%
Zinc 0.30% max.
Iron 0.10% max.
Lead 0.05% max.
Phosphorus 0.03-0.35%

 Properties of Phosphor Bronze

Phosphor bronze is a copper alloy that exhibits some really exceptional properties, which makes it an ideal choice for manufacturing springs. Some of the key properties are:

  1. The alloy is highly wear resistant
  2. It has a high fatigue resistance
  3. It is highly resistant to corrosion
  4. It has a good tensile strength
  5. This alloy has a good machinability
  6. It has good solderability, and formability
  7. This alloy has a large freezing range
  8. This alloy has an excellent electrical conductivity
  9. It is highly ductile

Advantages of Phosphor Bronze Springs

These types of springs offer a number advantages, some of which are as listed below:

 Phosphor Bronze has the capability to tolerate repetitive motion.

  1. It is comparatively more resistant to strain as compared to the non-alloy components.
  2. It offers great resistance to corrosion.
  3. It is a versatile material. Hence, finds its use in a number of applications.
  4. Phosphor bronze has a good electrical, as well as thermal conductivity with exceptional plating properties.
  5. It resists moisture and oils associated with wind instruments.


Phosphor bronze springs find their use in a wide range of applications, some of which are:

  1. Marine Fuel Pumps
  2. Oil Rigs
  3. Oil Pipeline Valves
  4. Computers
  5. Automotive Shock Absorbers, Stabilizers, and Gearboxes

We are known to keep the design requirements of our customers at the forefront of operations. This helps us to serve our wide customer base in a better way. Our experienced staff is happy to help you with your spring requirements. For all your queries as well as design requirements related to phosphor bronze springs, you can get in touch with us at smsc@windstream.net. You can also give us a call on our toll free number 800-330-2460.