Chrome Silicon Springs – Suitable For Highly Dynamic Applications

Owing to its high tensile strength and resilience to high temperatures, chrome silicon is the first choice of material when it comes to fabricating springs. Chrome Silicon springs are cold drawn and heat treated before fabricating. These springs are widely used for shock loads and/or moderately elevated temperatures. SMSC provides an array of different types of springs to choose from based on your requirements.

Chrome Silicon Springs Specifications

When your application demands a spring material that can tolerate high stress or impact, then chrome silicon is the material that you are looking for. We stock a vast inventory of the material in various specifications. We have chrome silicon springs of following specifications available with us:

Diameter Range: .016 to .562 in
Types Chrome Silicon ASTM – A401

Chrome Silicon Valve ASTM – A877

Chrome Vanadium ASTM – A231

Packaging Coils, Cores,Reels
Finish Oil Tempered,Scaleless
Max. Operating Temperature 475 ˚F
Density in lb/in3 0.284

Chemical Composition of Chrome Silicon Springs

The chemical composition of this material is:

Content Percentage
Chromium 0.60 – 0.80%
Carbon 0.51 – 0.59%
Silicon 1.20 – 1.60%
Manganese 0.50 – 0.80%
Sulfur 0.025 max.
Phosphorus 0.025 max.

Benefits of Using Chrome Silicon for Your Spring

In recent years, there has been a huge demand for chrome silicon spring material. The reasons for this increased demand are:

  • It is highly resistant to wear and tear even after repeated usage.
  • It can tolerate a wide temperature range. It has temperature resistance up to 50 °F, which makes it the perfect choice to manufacture springs used to assemble engine valves, and fuel equipment.
  • It is cold drawn and heat treated. This makes it extremely strong and durable.
  • It possesses high tensile strength, hence can withstand shock loads, and stress. Due to this trait, the material is preferred in the assembly of gun recoils and performance vehicles.

We keep the design requirements of the customers at the forefront of operations. This helps us to serve our customer base in a better way. For all your queries as well as design requirements related to chrome silicon springs, you can get in touch with us at smsc@windstream.net.