Precision Engineered Double Torsion Springs to Customers’ Specifications

Torsion springs are the special type of springs that strongly resist rotational forces known as torque. Double torsion springs feature a left-hand and right-hand coil section that are connected together. The left and right hand sections are designed separately, and the total torque exerted is calculated as the sum of two. SMSC is a leading double torsion springs manufacturer and supplier in the US. Our springs are known for their quality, reliability, and durability.


End Types Bent Hooked Twisted
Material Silicon Chrome High and Low Carbon Steel Nickel Plated Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel Beryllium-Copper Non-Ferrous Metals
Elgiloy Mild Steel Hastelalloy
Monel Inconel Titanium
Finish Plain Black Oxide Painted
Cadmium Passivate Zinc Gold
Zinc Silver

Feature Highlights of Custom Double Torsion Springs

Double torsion springs are used in a variety of applications. The spring’s reaction to the external torque will depend on its design. With excellent designing skills and manufacturing capabilities, we at SMSC can design these springs to match your specifications. For example, we can design these springs in different configurations.

Being one of the dedicated double torsion springs manufacturers, we would request our clients to supply us the following information to begin with the design:

  • Dimensions: This will include inner diameter, outer diameter, spring length, and wire diameter.
  • End Styles: It is important to specify end styles 1 and 2.
  • Wind Direction: The spring should be loosely or closely wound.
  • Total Coils: The torsion springs having less than 3 coils are not recommended. It is best to specify the coils in the nearest fraction of quarters or eights.
  • Arm Lengths: It is always better to include lengths of both arms, as well as the length of the moving arm.
  • Spring Material: You can select the material from the list.
  • Torque: It is better to mention torque 1 and torque 2.
  • Applications: The mention of purpose will help us design the spring perfectly.
  • Winding: The winding can be right hand or left hand.

We provide short turnaround times in the industry. All our products are provided at competitive prices. We provide excellent bulk price benefits on all orders. To know more about standard and custom double torsion springs or trade enquiries, please contact us on our toll free number 800-330-2460 or send us an email at smsc@windstream.net. Alternatively, you can also Request a Quote to place an order.

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