What are Actuator Springs?

Compression springs that are specifically designed for actuators are known as actuator springs. Coil springs are one of the popular spring types employed by various industries. These springs are designed to store energy, and release it under compression or tension. Compression springs are one of the popular types of coil springs, which find application in various industrial applications. As an industry-leading manufacturer of industrial springs, SMSC offers supreme quality actuator springs. Our actuators are used in both – hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. We can provide these springs in various sizes, and in small to large quantities.

Specifications of Actuator Springs Provided by SMSC

We provide actuator springs in the following specifications:

  • Materials of Construction: We can provide actuator springs in the following materials:
    • Beryllium Copper: ASTM B179
    • Chrome Silicon : ASTM – A401, ASTM – A877
    • Chrome Vanadium: ASTM A 231
    • Inconel : 750 X
    • Phosphor Bronze: ASTM B 159
  • Wire Diameter: We can provide springs in wire diameter – 0.20 mm – 8.60 mm.
  • Outer Diameter: The outer diameter of our springs range from 3.0mm – 150 mm.
  • Surface Finishes: We can provide actuator springs in any surface finish.
  • End Configurations: The springs are available in end configurations like open & ground, closed ground, closed & unground, open & unground.

Advantages of SMSC Actuator Springs

The following advantages of our springs make them popular with our clients:

  • Durability: Actuators are used in various electronic devices to control their movement. This means that the springs used in these devices should be durable enough. We fulfill this requirement by using only sturdy metals for construction. Also, our springs are tested to meet diverse load carrying requirements.
  • Cost effective: All springs are made from popular metals and alloys. These metals are available in our stock, which helps us provide the springs in affordable prices. We can provide the springs in diverse surface finishes, which helps extend their life.
  • Maintenance-free: We employ only industry-approved finishing compounds, which help keep these springs maintenance-free.
  • Custom Sizes: SMSC is one of the leading providers of custom sized actuator springs in the US. We can provide springs in sizes specified by the client.
  • Fastest Turnaround Times: Our advanced manufacturing equipment and industrial expertise help us ensure fastest turnaround times in the industry.

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