What are Hydraulic Valve Springs?

Hydraulic valve springs are metal wire springs that are used to close valves in cylindrical heads of combustion engines. SMSC is one of the leading providers of hydraulic valve springs in the US. Typically offered as helical coil compression springs, these mechanical devices can be availed in various specifications

Specifications of Hydraulic Valve Springs Available at SMSC

We can supply valve springs in the following specifications:

  • Materials of Construction: The springs are provided in any of the following materials:
    • Phosphor Bronze: ASTM B 159
    • Chrome Silicon : ASTM – A401, ASTM – A877
    • Beryllium Copper: ASTM B179
    • Chrome Vanadium: ASTM A 231
    • Inconel : 750 X
  • Wire Diameter: The springs are available in diameters ranging from 0.2mm – 8.60mm.
  • Surface Finishes: We provide these springs in the following surface finishes – chrome, zinc, powder coating, oxide black, and tin. Also, springs can be offered in customized finishes on customer request.
  • End Configurations: Hydraulic valve springs can be availed in closed ground, open & ground, closed & unground, open & unground configurations.

Industries and Applications Using Hydraulic Valve Springs

The following are a few applications, which make the best use of hydraulic valve springs:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Electronics
  • Toys
  • Sports Goods
  • Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Benefits of Hydraulic Valve Springs

The following features make our spring products popular with industrial and commercial clients.

  • The springs are precision machined to ensure smooth performance under high load and RPM.
  • Stress levels of these springs are controlled, which helps ensure their structural integrity in extreme conditions.
  • Fatigue is minimized to ensure long performance under extreme conditions.
  • The springs are made from metals and super alloys, which contribute to their long term durability, as well as memory retention.