What are Heavy Duty Compression Springs?

As their name suggests, heavy duty compression springs are basically those which are used in applications involving high stress and load. These compression springs are used in those mechanisms or applications in which large amount of force is exerted on the springs. These springs find their major use in oil field equipment, industrial equipment, agriculture equipment, and heavy construction machines.

Stainless Steel Compression-Springs


A high-quality chrome silicon alloy is generally used in these compression springs to sustain heavy loads for long time. The cross section of the heavy duty compression springs is neither square nor round. It has a rectangular shape, and has rounded corners. The ends of these springs are closed and ground flat. This helps provide a sufficiently large bearing surface. In addition to this, it also provides squareness to the springs and allows them to stand on either end. Some important features of the heavy duty compression springs include high tensile strength, resistance to corrosion, excellent durability, precise dimensions, and smooth finish.If the operating temperature is below 425 °F, then chrome silicon or chrome vanadium are the perfect materials for these springs. Heavy duty compression springs are preferably used when there is limited application space available. The heavy duty compression springs are specially designed to be able to work over a shaft, as well as in a hole.

These compression springs are generally preset, which helps eliminate the chances of length loss during operation. The springs are shot-peened. This helps extend the life of these springs. They come in a variety of configurations, such as medium load, medium heavy load, heavy load, and extra heavy load. You can also get them customized based on your applications requirements.

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