What are Double Torsion Springs?

As their name suggests, double torsion springs are nothing but two torsion springs combined together to form one single spring. The most characteristic feature of double torsion springs is that they have two coils. One coil is wound in a clockwise direction, whereas the other is wound in an anti-clockwise direction. Both these coils are bridged in the middle of the spring. Double torsion springs are strong, and have the capability to exert greater force. These springs are capable of generating a total force, which is same as the forces created by two individual springs together.


If you are looking for a type of spring, which can help you rotate, lift, neutralize, and center rotating loads or torques, then these are the types of springs you need. The double torsion springs come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They come in a variety of wire diameters, which can vary from 0.008″ to 0.207″. You can choose from different leg lengths coil diameters, and anchoring configurations, depending on the application requirements. Also, these springs are available in a number of end configurations. Some common end configurations of these springs include bend over center, bend straight parallel to spring axis, and plain end. Tight angle tolerances are also available in these springs. The double torsion springs have pitched and tight wound capabilities.When you need two identical torsion springs wound in opposite direction for an application, then double torsion springs are generally used. As said earlier, these springs have the capability to deliver load or torque twice that of a single torsion spring. All these properties and features of the double torsion springs make them ideal for use in a number of applications. These springs are most widely used in applications, such as medical devices, household appliances, military devices, aerospace devices, and much more.

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