What are Carbon Brush Spring

Spiral springs are becoming more and more popular in several applications nowadays. Brush spring is one of the types of the spiral spring. Earlier, these springs were used to apply pressure to carbon brushes in generators and electrical motors, which is how they got their name. Brush springs are open wound, and are characterized by having all coils active through most of the travel. These are also called as Carbon Brush Springs. SMSC provides a wide variety of spiral springs including carbon brush springs.

Carbon Brush Spring

Advantages of Carbon Brush Springs

The following advantages of carbon brush springs explain why they are getting increasingly popular in several applications:

  1. Versatility: Based on the application for which they are used, spiral springs can be made of different capabilities. You can choose different types of spiral springs on the basis of your requirements. This flexibility of design makes these springs highly versatile in a number of different applications.


  1. Cost-effective: These springs are generally made from steel and other metals. These metals are easily available, which makes them cheaper in price. Thus, these spiral springs are cost-effective as compared to the other types of springs. They are also considered to be the most economical choice for springs.


  1. Light-weight: In spite of the great power they provide, carbon brush springs are extremely light-weight.


  1. Heavy Weight-bearing Capacity: The heating involved in the manufacturing process of these springs, make them hard and strong. This makes lesser metal bear large weights.


  1. Maintenance-free: Carbon brush springs require very less or no maintenance. You are not required to coat, lubricate, or clean these springs. As, the spiral springs require lesser maintenance compared to other types of springs, it helps you save a decent money.

Applications of Carbon Brush Spring

A carbon brush spring is used in a number of different applications. Some of the important applications of these springs are as listed below:

  1. Generators
  2. Alternators
  3. Electrical Motors
  4. Starter motors

SMSC is one of the leading carbon brush spring manufacturers. We ensure that our client’s industrial requirements are fulfilled on time. We provide a wide range of different types of springs at competitive prices. For more information about the carbon brush springs or other industrial springs provided by us, please get in touch with our professionals on our toll-free number 800-330-2460. You can also mail us your requirements at smsc@windstream.net. Otherwise, you can Request a Quote.