What Do Springs Have to do with Vehicle Suspension Systems?–Part II

In the earlier post, we discussed about the importance of springs in the suspension system of vehicles. We had promised you to come back with some more information on the topic, and here we are. In this second installment of the post, we will be discussing in detail the different types of springs used in the suspension system, along with their advantages.

What are the Different Springs Used in Vehicles? Why are they Used?

There are a wide range spring types used in the vehicles. Basically, the type of spring used depends upon the type of vehicle or the amount of load that it is designed to carry. Torsion springs are the most commonly used types of springs. Here are some most common types of springs used in the vehicle suspension systems:

1. Leaf Springs: You must have noticed the metal strips near the rear wheels of many vehicles. What are they? These are nothing but leaf springs. These springs are made up of several layers of steel one above the other. These springs have been used for many years now, and are considered to be a viable option for the suspension systems. You will mostly find these types of springs used in military vehicles, and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).

(Image Source: Leaf Springs)

The following are some advantages of using these springs:

  • The leaf springs offer amazing support between the chassis, wheels, and the axel of a vehicle.
  • Their close-knit structure allows them to bear heavy loads.
  • They are easy to design, and thus cheaper to produce compared to other springs.
  • These springs offer a better vehicle damping.

2. Coil Springs: Just like leaf springs, the coil springs are yet another types of springs that are being used increasingly, and most commonly in many vehicles. The name of the spring can help you visualize how they look. Yes, they are coil-shaped, and are used to maintain the stability of a vehicle even on uneven roads.

The following are some key benefits of using coil springs in the suspension system, which are also the reasons behind their popularity:

  • These springs have a great shock absorbing capacity.
  • The force between two contacting surfaces, like axle and wheel, is maintained by these springs.
  • The springs are designed specially to deliver a great handling and braking, optimal damping, and thus a comfortable driving experience.

Like these, there are several other types of springs, which are used in the suspension systems of the vehicles. The type varies, depending upon the weight bearing capacity of the vehicles. Newer, and advanced versions of springs are now being developed by several manufacturers to deliver a comfortable driving experience. St. Mary’s Spring Company is one such experienced manufacturer and a leading supplier of various types of torsion springs in the US. The company is well-known for manufacturing customized springs, based on the application requirements.