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What Do Springs Have to do with Vehicle Suspension Systems?–Part I

Be it any mechanical industry, manufacturing industry, or automobile industry – springs are everywhere. Talking about the automobiles, these components play a vital role in deciding the quality of suspension system of a vehicle. Different types of springs are used in the vehicle suspension systems, which have diverse properties. Each type has its own pros, cons, properties, and applications. So, what is the role of springs in these vehicle suspension systems? What are the different types of springs used? Why are they used? Are you interested in getting answers to these questions? If yes, then read the following post, which answer the questions asked above.

What is the Role of Springs in Vehicle Suspension Systems?

Spring and suspension are the words, which go hand-in-hand. The suspension system of a vehicle is very important, as they act as the shock absorbers. There are several benefits of using the springs, which explain their importance in automobile applications. Here are some major benefits:

  • Using proper springs in the suspension system of a vehicle helps a lot in controlling the roll, drive, sway, bounce, and acceleration squat of the vehicle.
  • The overall braking and handling of the vehicle are improved, by using different types of springs.
  • If springs are not used, it can lead to rapid wear of other vehicle systems, due to the absence of suspension. The springs are used to eliminate this wear and tear.
  • Another benefit of using springs is that they help maintain dynamic wheel alignment, which further helps in easy and shock-free transport.
  • Failure of using proper springs in the shock-absorber or suspension system of a vehicle can lead to the premature wear of tires.
  • Be it any terrain, the springs used in a vehicle’s suspension system help in keeping the continuous contact between the tire and the road.

All the benefits discussed above explain the role of springs in the suspension systems of vehicles. These benefits that the springs offer are the reasons for their increasing popularity and use in a wide range of vehicles, both small and large. In the upcoming installment of the post, we will be discussing various types of springs used in the vehicle suspension systems. Also, we would be discussing in detail, why these springs are used, and their advantages. Stay tuned for the next post. Thank you!

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