5 Major Applications of Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are the components that upon twisting, exert a force in the opposite direction. This force is directly proportional to the twisting. When twisted, these springs store mechanical energy. When released, these springs come back to their original position.

Torsion-SpringsThe torsion springs are helical shaped springs that are capable of producing torsional or rotational forces. Based on the application for which they are used, these springs are either clockwise or anti-clockwise wound. Thus, depending on its use, these springs have a capability to work in both the directions. Where are the torsion springs used? Read the post to find out the uses of torsion springs in different applications.

Top 5 Applications of Torsion Springs

There are a number of applications, where torsion springs find their use. Here are some of the major areas of its application:


  1. Clocks: Torsion springs are used in torsion pendulum clocks. In such clocks, a torsion spring is used to suspend a wheel-shaped weight from the center of the clock. As the weight rotates around its axis, it twists the spring. As per its nature, the spring exerts an equal opposite force on the wheel and makes it twist in the other direction. Thus, there is a continuous back and forth motion of the pendulum, which makes the clock work by driving the gears to which it is attached.


  1. Clothes Pins: This is one of the most common applications of these springs. The working of clothes pins is facilitated by the torsion springs. These springs provide an excellent clamping action, which is why they are used in this application.


  1. Automotive: Torsion springs are known for providing even tension, along with smooth and frictionless motion. This is the reason why these springs are widely used in the automotive industry for various parts such as a vehicle suspension system, chassis, automotive valves, clutches, and gear shifters. These springs are made from materials like chrome silicone, which makes it resistant to environmental abuse, along with providing it additional strength.


  1. Medical Equipment: In the medical industry, the torsion springs are used in a number of complex equipment. Different medical equipment that make use of these springs include medical immobilization devices, hospital beds, several dental applications, wheelchair lifts and many more. For additional strength, these springs are made from high carbon steel, which also helps increase the life span of the spring.


  1. Door Hinges: These springs are widely used in different types of door hinges. Right from automobile doors and residential doors to heavy duty doors at warehouses, torsion springs are used in the hinges. These springs allow the door to come back to its original position. You must have noticed the doors in saloons that move back and forth when opened, but ultimately become stationary at their original position. This is due to the springs used in their hinges.


The above-mentioned are just a few major applications where torsion springs are used. There are still many applications of these springs. You can get these springs designed and manufactured from experts such as St. Mary’s Spring Company. The company has a huge experience of more than seven decades in manufacturing different types of springs

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