Why Customers Choose Torsion Springs for Industrial Applications

Helical torsion springs are designed to create torque and rotational forces. They are capable of storing and releasing angular energy. They can also be designed to perform in clockwise and counter clockwise directions. Hence, torsion springs are known to be one of the most versatile spring types. They can also be manufactured in a range of sizes for various applications.

Examples of Different Industrial Applications involving Torsion Springs

The versatile design and function of this spring makes it an excellent choice for various industrial torsion spring applications. A few examples of the same are given below.

  • Hardware: This is a popular application industry for small-sized torsion springs. Torsion springs are designed to hold and then release the spring forces that allow for easy and smooth movements. They are particularly popular for doors, levers, and switches.
  • Automobiles: Torsion springs are mainly used as weight bearing springs in automobile applications. A classic application example is shock absorbers. However, torsion springs are also used as the main components to open and close a car’s boot, or a truck’s swing-down tailgate.
  • Industrial: Torsion springs are widely used to support motor and gearbox assemblies. The springs are used as couplings to work with concentric shafts to provide around 20 turns of spring force. They can be used with contact brushes of electric motors to allow for short, 360o Torsion springs provide great support large sized speed reducing gearboxes. They can also be custom designed for installation in arbors.
  • Medical: Various products rely heavily on high quality torsion springs for long-lasting performance in Medical industry. They provide the requisite force retention and smooth movement in wheelchair lifts, dental chairs, and hospital beds.
  • Lighting and Electronic Products: Torsion springs are custom designed and manufactured to fit into light and electronic products of various sizes. Heat sinks, LED light fixtures, wire harness equipment, and industrial keyboards are a few common examples.

The versatility of the torsion springs are the reasons why so many companies choose to use them in a variety of industrial and commercial applications.