Heavy Duty Compression Springs – What’s So Great About Them?

Compression springs are made up of helical coils. These springs have a pitch in between each coil. When an external force or load is applied to these springs, they get compressed. In this state, the pitch of the spring exerts a force on the load, which helps the spring come back to original position. You must be aware of all these things. However, regular compression springs have a less load bearing capacity. After exceeding a certain load, these springs tend to get damaged. Thus, special types of springs are required to withstand heavy loads and stress. This is where heavy duty compression springs come into the picture. What are these heavy duty springs? What are their properties? Are they really advantageous? All these questions must be bothering you. Read the following post to know everything about these springs.

What Are Heavy Duty Compression Springs?

These springs are specially designed to withstand high stress and high load conditions. The heavy duty compression springs have the capability to work in the most adverse conditions. This makes them ideal for applications involving heavy load and stress conditions.

What are the Salient Features of Heavy Duty Compression Springs?

You must be thinking, are these springs really that advantageous. Well, the answer to that is yes they are advantageous. Following are some striking features of the heavy duty compression springs, which make them the most preferred choice in several heavy duty applications:

  • The heavy duty compression springs can carry large weights. In addition to this, these springs are highly resistant to rusting. This makes these springs popular and the most preferred ones over other types of springs.
  • These types of compression springs are shot peened. This helps increase the lifespan of the heavy duty compression spring.
  • Another important feature of these springs is that they are provided with preset. This helps avoid length losses in operations.
  • These springs come in a wide range of specifications to suit a variety of applications.
  • The cross-section of these springs is neither square nor round shaped. They have an engineered cross-section, which is rectangular in shape, and has rounded corners.
  • These springs feature closed and ground ends, which provide a sufficiently large bearing surface and proper squareness. This allows the heavy duty springs to stand on their ends on either side.
  • Quality chrome silicon alloy steel, which has excellent load bearing capacity is used to develop this spring. This helps keep the spring operational for a long life.
  • The springs are precision manufactured under the supervision of experts and professionals.

Where are these Heavy Duty Compression Springs Used?

The several beneficial features explained above, make the heavy duty springs ideal for use in a wide range of heavy duty applications. Here are some application areas of these springs:

  • Brakes
  • Clutches
  • Aircraft Mechanisms
  • Farm Machinery

Hope we have covered all the topics related to heavy duty compression springs. Do you still have doubts or want to know more? You can contact industry experts, such as St. Mary’s Spring Company (SMSC), which has a great expertise in manufacturing different types of heavy duty compression springs suitable for various applications.