music wire springs

An Insight of the Applications and Properties of Music Wire Spring

music wire springs

Music wire springs are made from high-carbon steel alloys offering uniform tensile strength and comprehensive spring design. In order to form a thin wire, the string is pulled through a die. This process is referred as cold drawing. The string is further heat tampered as per the patent specification. The wire thus produced is capable of surviving high stress and tension. Music wire springs are often fabricated from tempered high carbon steel and the usage is limited to cold coiled springs. Read this post to learn more about music wire springs and their applications in diverse industries.

Properties of Music Wire Springs

Music wire springs are highly versatile, and have high elastic limit, which makes them suitable for several applications. There are several other properties, which make them popular in a number of applications.Some of its properties are mentioned below:

  • Music wire springs are cold drawn and offer high tensile strength. This makes them the toughest and widely used springs.
  • Music wire springs are made from materials, which are not temperature or corrosion resistant.
  • These springs offer high shock load ability.
  • Music wire springs can withstand electro-mechanical and non-electro-mechanical processes.

Applications of Music Wire Springs

Music wire springs have tensile properties, owing to which they are used for various consumer, commercial and industrial purposes. Some of its applications are as follows:

  • The wire is bent into springs for high tension applications, like radio controlled aircraft engines and small aircraft landing gears. Also, it can bear heavy loads.
  • These springs are used for cheese slicers, fishing lures, surgical tools, crafters, etc.
  • Music wire springs come with high stress capability, which can withstand repeated loadings. This makes the wires are mostly used in many normal cyclic applications.
  • Music wire springs are extensively used in extension, compression, and torsion spring wire form manufacturing applications.
  • These springs are flexible, and can fit in tight spaces, making it versatile to meet the specific needs of a machinery.
  • Music wire springs are used for wire forms, armature binding, ceramic cutting, control linkage, and for many other industrial purposes.

Music wire springs are specifically designed and crafted to meet diverse needs. If you are looking forward to buy music spring wire for your commercial or industrial purpose, you can always consult a top-notch supplier like St. Mary’s Spring Company (SMSC).

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