spring shoes

How Spring Shoes are Making the World a Better Place

spring shoes

Are you an athlete? Do you have running shoes? Do they have springs? Yes, you heard it right, spring integrated shoes are the newest trend in the market. Every day, there are several innovative ideas getting realized to provide comfort to people (or here fitness lovers). Compression springs are fitted in the shoes to reduce injuries or shock, and comfort the feet while running. How does having a spring in your running or sports shoes help? Read the following post to know more about this new trend. You will also understand the significance of adding compression springs in the pair of shoes.

How It All Began?

A large number of Americans are troubled with some or the other pain, be it back, joints, or feet. For people who like to keep themselves fit by running, it becomes a challenging task if they are suffering from any of the aforementioned problems. Sometimes, professional athletes or runners also suffer from injuries caused by a severe shock when their feet hit the ground at a high speed. At times, standing in the same position for several hours can hurt legs. As a remedy to all these problems, spring was introduced in the shoes. Such shoes offer a great comfort to legs.

How Do Springs in the Shoes Work?

You must be curious to know how does this technology of spring in shoes actually work? Well, it’s not really a rocket science. It is a simple thing to understand. There are two springs fitted in each shoe – one in the heel and the other in the forefront, just below the sole. When you land your heel on the ground while running, jogging, or walking, the spring in the heel area gets compressed. This helps avoid the sudden impact to the heel. As you move forward and the entire lower portion of your foot touches the ground, the spring in the heel starts getting back to its original shape and begins to uncoil. Now, as you move forward the pressure is on the front part of your shoe. This is where the second spring comes into play. No, this spring is compressed. As you lift your shoe off the ground, the spring uncoils and regains its original form. This gives you a small feeling of bouncing back on your feet.

How Does it Benefit You?

The spring action in the shoes can benefit you in several ways. Some ways in which you can benefit from such shoes are as follows:

  1. Overall stress on your legs is reduced considerably. This further eases the burden and stress on the pelvis.
  2. The springy shoes help reduce the impact between the ground surface and feet, by absorbing the shock. This helps prevent any potential injury to legs or feet.
  3. These shoes help your legs to move comfortably, and reduce the fatigue caused during walking, running, or jogging.

Nowadays, the shoes with springs are available in every store, as well as online. It has created a lot of buzz in the fitness market already. So, if you are planning to start your fitness regime, what are you waiting for? Go, grab your pair of these bouncy and anti-fatigue shoes today!